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A Note from Isha Desselle, Founder of Turning Point Center


I sold my house in 1988 and used all my savings to buy a dilapidated 34-unit apartment complex to provide a place for the elderly homeless.  The goal of the Turning Point Center is to provide a variety of supportive services to help return the homeless elderly to productive society.

Turning Point Center is an independent, tax-exempt, non-profit organization which offers food, shelter, and other rehabilitative services to meet the physical and emotional needs of a neglected segment of society:  underprivileged individuals aged 50 and above who are unable to provide safe and adequate living conditions for themselves.

Through a variety of programs geared to address the unique needs of these individuals, our ultimate goal is to return them to an independent living status.  In addition, we provide other homeless individuals and families with short-term emergency services and referrals to other agencies.

Here is a link to our Turning Point Center video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRAJIH0veOM 

      Our History:

In 1988, Isha Salas-Desselle founded The Rehab Mission, Inc.  Isha sold her home and used her life savings to acquire a dilapidated 34-unit apartment complex and refurbish it into a safe haven for up to about 90 residents at any given time, or about 180 residents annually.  The mission was incorporated in 1989.  In January of 2003, the name was changed to "Turning Point Center" to better reflect the mission's goals.

In 2011, we completed the building of the Resource Center, and now we are able to offer many more services, such as: Harris County dental van, wellness check, University of Houston Mobile Eye Clinic, TB testing, and we are working with the police department to reduce the number of the elderly homeless on the streets. In 2015, we opened a new home for homeless women with children through our Outreach Program for Women with Children.

Within the Houston metropolitan area, the community we serve consists of homeless men and women, ages 50 and above, from every ethnicity, race, creed, color, and religion. For Harris County and the surrounding seven counties, we are the only homeless shelter that specifically serves the elderly homeless. Including nonresidents who have received meals prepared in our commercial kitchen, we have helped to provide benefits and services of one kind or another to more than 37,000 senior homeless men and women who needed support over the last 30 years.