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HOUSING:  Turning Point Center provides emergency and transitional housing at its facility - a refurbished 34-unit apartment complex - located at 1701 Jacquelyn Drive in the Spring Branch neighborhood of Houston, TX.  If you are using the Metro bus system from Downtown Houston, catch the #20 Long Point bus at Lamar Street.

MEALS:  The Turning Point Center provides three meals a day to residents clients.

CLOTHING:  Turning Point Center ensures, through the proper use of donations, that resident clients have adequate clothing to protect them from the elements, as well as make a proper appearance while attending school or searching for employment.

COUNSELING:  Resident clients of Turning Point Center interact with other agencies to receive counseling services such as case management, substance abuse education, chemical dependency counseling, anger/stress management, personal / society adjustment counseling, and group counseling.

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS:  Resident clients of Turning Point Center receive assistance in completing important applications and associated documents that help them to obtain state ID cards / driver's licenses, Social Security cards, birth certificates, and any other documents required in order for them to apply for benefits and public assistance for which they may be eligible.

BENEFITS:  Turning Point Center provides assistance to resident clients in obtaining SSI / SSDI, food stamps, Medicare / Medicaid, Harris County Hospital District Gold Cards, retirement, and any other benefits for which they may be eligible.

CONTINUING EDUCATION:  Through collaborative efforts with the READ Commission, Gulf Coast Careers, Career Recovery Resources and Christian Community Service Center, resident clients of Turning Point Center receive assistance in obtaining their GED, returning to college, attending a vocational or trade school, or organizing and executing a successful job search.

HANDS-ON JOB TRAINING Resident clients of Turning Point Center receive hands-on job training in various areas such as basis computer operation, data entry, cooking, dishwashing, facility maintenance, office administration, clerical, accounting, social service, materials procurement, and landscaping / gardening - to name a few.

TRANSPORTATION:  Turning Point Center provides transportation for resident clients in order that they may keep medical, dental and other benefit /  assistance application appointments.  Additionally, the shelter provides transportation to and from planned group educational and recreational activities.  Resident clients are also provided with Metro bus tokens on an "as needed" basis.


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