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  Address:  1701 Jacquelyn Drive, Houston, TX 77055 (click address for a map)

Phone:  713-957-0099

FAX: 713-957-1920

Information Email:  isha@turningpointcenter.org

Main Contacts: 

Isha Salas Deselle (President & Founder)


George Gomez (Client Services)


To request more information regarding our services, to become a sponsor, or to pledge donations, please complete the form below and we will contact you.


Name of Organization: 

Telephone:      Email:

Address:      City:

State:           ZIP Code:

I am an individual or organization:

Requesting Support Services from Turning Point Center

Wanting to Make a Donation to Turning Point Center

Wanting to become a Sponsor of Turning Point Center

I would like to make a contribution of one or several of the following items in care of the Turning Point Center Residents:

Personal care items

Over-the-counter medications

Fresh food - meat or produce

Cleaning supplies

Volunteer help

Repair and maintenance

Financial assistance in the amount of:

Please contact me initially by:

Email     Phone     U.S. Mail


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