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Our Mission

The mission of The Turning Point Center is to utilize a variety of supportive services to return the homeless elderly to productive society.


In 1988, Isha Salas Deselle founded The Rehab Mission, Inc. 1988.  The mission was incorporated in 1989, and upon receiving non-profit status began providing support services for elderly homeless individuals.  In January of 2003, the  name was changed to "Turning Point Center" to better reflect the mission's goals. 

Isha sold her home and used her life savings to acquire a dilapidated 34-unit apartment complex and refurbished it into a safe haven for the homeless elderly.   The Turning Point Center has been providing services for residents in Harris County for over 18 years, and houses approximately 180 residents at any one time per year.

Who We

The Turning Point Center is an independent, tax-exempt, non-profit organization (501) (C) (3), which offers food, shelter, and other rehabilitative services to meet the physical and emotional needs of a neglected segment of society:  underprivileged individuals, aged 50 and older, who are unable to provide safe and adequate living conditions for themselves.  Our goal is to return these people to society as self-supporting individuals.

Why We Are Here

The elderly homeless population - individuals between the ages of 50 and 62 - is a neglected segment of society that has minimal services avaialable to it.  This age group is not eligible for Social Security, has physical limitations that prevent from working, yet do not receive disability or any other source of income.  Society views this age group as too old for the work force, yet too young for Social Security.  Turning Point Center is the only shelter in Houston that specifically focuses on assisting this clientele.

Where Our Residents Come From

Our residents come to us from local churches, hospital, evictions, homeless shelters and other agency referrals.  And, of course, directly off the streets.


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